Being Eco-Friendly is the First Thing We Need to Teach the Kids Today

It’s important that we celebrate the planet we live in. In recent years, there hasbeen a lot of attention given to environmental awareness and people are continually talking about conservation and environmental protectionissues. It is the right time we focus on building a generation that is considerate to the environment and takes responsibility for their actions to care for the world. This is where the need for teaching kids about ‘being green’ is slowly gaining prominencein the world where the environment is degrading at a fast pace.

Environmental issues can be, perhaps, overwhelming for the young children to grasp the importance of ‘saving’ the planet. It is actually a big responsibility and a daunting task for many. But what children need to know is that caring for the planet always starts at the micro level and everything they do, both big and small, can make a real difference. Simple life changes can make kids become aware of the environment around them and how they are destroying/polluting it.

Raising an environment-friendly kid is necessary in the world where everyone is becoming unaware of their actions and irresponsible in saving the planet.As environmentally-conscious parents, we should teach childrento develop responsibilities for the world around them and to adopt eco-friendly habits. Teaching children the need to change to ‘green’ actions helps save energy, prevent waste, and consequently protect the earth.

The common mantra for environmental protection is the 3R’s – REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. It is necessary to get the kids to learn how to eliminate waste, reuse things, and recycle whatever that could be transformed. The need is to use everyday moments to teach kids what all they can change to be eco-friendly citizens of tomorrow. Starting at a very early age can help kids learn eco-friendly habits that could be followed as a behavior for the rest of their life.

Reuse and Recycle:

Simple habits can help children learn about reusing and recycling things. Things as simple as carrying their own water bottles and bags whenever they go out can also make the difference. By carrying own water bottles, we can simply avoid purchasing disposable plastic water bottles and throwing them in the trash after use.Reusablebags and containers are the best for the environment and children should learn to use it from their early age to turn it into a habit for the rest of their life.

Save Energy:

It is not only food and water that needs to be saved but also energy. It is important that we teach kids to turn off lights when not in use and avoid switching on the lights during the daytime, instead open the shades/blinds and let in the natural light. Children should be taught that saving electricity consumption is not only good for the environment but also will save money for the family. Similarly, children should learn to use the vehicles only when needed. Not every trip needs a car. Short walks and public transport can help the environment and save fuel.

Eliminate Waste:

It is important to educate kids about eliminating wastage in their everyday routine. This includes reducing food, water, paper wastes, and all that they use. They must learn to save any leftover materials for next time use. Food should not be wasted at any cost and if any excess food is left, it has to be shared with fellow persons. Saving water while brushing the teeth, washing hands, and taking bath are some of the most crucial things that children should be aware of.

Let Them Connect With Nature:

Taking children outdoors is a great way to let them experience the beauty of nature. Generally, kids love spending time outside. So take them to a park, camping or any place where they can engage with the natural environments. Riding bikes, climbing trees, playing in the park and even going for a walk can connect them with nature. Encourage them to take a break from TV and other electronic gadgets and stay connected with the outdoors.

All the aforementioned ways can help kids learn how their individual efforts can affect the environment. Even the littlest changes can make a positive difference to the world. But the difference can only be brought if the young generation is made aware of the necessary actions required on their part from an early age. Only then will the children learn to be the responsible stewards for the planet earth.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam World School, recognized as one of thebest CBSE schools in Delhi, are very much concerned about the rising environmental issues these days. Looking at small kids wearing masks to stay protected against the rising levels of pollution in Delhi NCR is a painful sight. While at KRMS, we already try maintaining an eco-friendly environment by encouraging our pupils as well as the staff to avoid any inappropriate activities that may harm the nature in any form, we would also like to urge the parents and guardians to contribute towards saving the environment in as many ways possible. Saving the environment is the only way to save ourselves from the harm. It’s time we get over our personal differences and together put in efforts to create a better, cleaner, safer world to breathe in.

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