What is Brain Training? How can it Help?

How much potential does our brain hold? Ever thought of this? This is one of those many enigmatic questions posed by thinkers and scientists that are yet to be answered. There are many theories and debates about the potential of our human intellect, but none so far have yet broached the boundaries or even scratched the surface of our limitless mind. Many call it evolution and many claim it to be a gift from the gods, but the apple of wisdom we possess is yet to be measured if it ever can be.Though, one thing we can be certain of is that it is something that goes well beyond the confines of our measurable and physical world. Many enigmas can be found in our world, and among all of them, the human mind stands out like a beacon.

What is Brain Training?

Brain training mainly refers to core cognitive training that can be done using exhaustive and elaborate mental exercises to build upon our cognitive skills. It may also be seen as the gym of the mind that trains us to remember more, process better, solve faster, and focus longer. In short, it is the perfect exercise that develops our IQ by focusing on the more critical individual aspects of the mind.

However, in spite of all the amazing facts known to mankind about the human brain, it is the last muscle we train to use, oblivious to the unlimited potential of our own minds. Just as no two faces are identical, the brain also is unique to each individual. Therefore, brain training requires it to be equally unique, which is a challenge in itself.

Fun Ways to Cary Out Brain Training Correctly

Our mind is the most essential tool we possess, and just like any other tool that rust away if not used for too long, similarly our brain too can become sluggish, inefficient, and devoid of the ability to actively analyze complicated problems, if not trained properly. It is therefore imperative that the brain be trained accordingly. To help maintain and raise the potential of the brain and improve the IQ, there are a lot of simple tricks that if followed daily can immensely help the brain to process more and give us an intellectual edge over others. Mentioned below are a few daily exercises one can follow to increase the potential of their mind:

  • Sudoku: This is a simple game of number puzzles indigenous to Japan but has since then spread to each and every corner of the world due to its popularity with intellects. It is a game of numbers which is both challenging and fun to play, but more importantly, it is a game that helps to buff up the IQ of a person marginally as it is said to be equivalent to a mental rally.
  • Random exploring of reading materials: It can be anything available to the reader at the moment – magazines, newspapers, random books, articles, etc. The primary focus of this doesn’t lie in what is being read, but rather how much is being remembered. This also helps in an increased inventory of random facts and knowledge giving the individual a more in-depth perspective of everything in general.
  • Practicing Mathematics: There is nothing more exhausting and yet exhilarating as numerology. The reason it is both liked and sometimes equally disliked by many is that it requires a lot of focus, dedication, and intelligence to irk out the right solution to a problem. People may love it or hate it, but the importance of mathematics to our world and our training of the mind cannot be denied. Simple mathematics solving every day can go a long way to raise the average IQ of an individual.
  • Proper exercise, meditation, and diet:Most of us don’t realize that the brain, though limitless in potential, is housed inside our body, which if not maintained properly will ultimately affect our mind. The term “our body is our temple” is as accurate as it can get. Therefore proper exercise and meditationalong with a healthy and nutritious diet can ultimately improve our overall ability to perform better.

The human mind is considered as a miracle of nature’s evolution by many prominent thinkers and scientists. The ability we possess in terms of communication, memory, problem-solving, reasoning, and experiencing emotions make us more than mere animals of nature. It is solely owing to the ability of our minds that we can perceive, analyze, achieve, and create whatever we desire. Imagination is indeed the only limit to what we can achieve. We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, understand this fact and realize the vast potential that the human brain holds. K.R. Mangalam School, one of thetop 10 convent schools in Delhi,truly believe that each child has a super mind, which if trained properly, has the potential to make wonders happen.We believe that the youth of our country are the future. Therefore, it is only right that they are equipped with the best tools for creating the future, which is nothing else but their own respective minds, well-trained, well-equipped. Our school, with the support of our years of experience in teaching, top infrastructure, and a specially tailored curriculum for the students provide this opportunity, training, and support so that they can reach new heights and can explore the previously unexplored,ushering us into a new and better age than what we live in currently.

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