Can Learning & Listening to Music Help Improve Academic Performance of Kids

Music is the sound created, maintaining a specific wavelength of sound waves that are in harmony with each other. Hence, harmony, balance, and synchronization lie at the center of music. There is no denying the fact that since ages, music has been an integral part of learning. If we can take a look at the ancient practices of teaching and learning, chanting would emerge as one of the most widely acknowledged and followed mode of education, which inevitably involved music, as chanting is always done following a particular tune.

Several studies have revealed that music has a substantial impact on the mind. The neurological system of the human body responds to the cords of music sensitively and promptly. Consequently, certain hormones get secreted, leading to changes in physiological and psychological operations.

A recent study has also surfaced the fact that 64% of the students, who earlier struggled to concentrate while studying, got benefitted as they were allowed to study with the music on. A random field study conducted across the pupil of different ages and streams also revealed the very fact that most students feel more focused when they keep their music systems on while studying. Consequently, their academic performances also improve.

Hence, it can be inferred that music certainly helps in learning in a tangible way. And if you take a closer look at how music can be instrumental in determining the level of concentration and focus of a learner, the underlying reasons might turn out to be quite natural.

Possible reasons

Is there anything in nature that does not produce music? Well, there is none. Be it the chirping of the birds, rumbling of the rivers, the rustling of the leaves tossed by the blowing winds, or the stridulating of the cricket, we grow up listening to every beat nature plays for us. As music is always a harmonious arrangement of sounds, it creates a synchronizing impact on the mind of the listeners as well.

The random movement of ideas, notions, and thoughts get precipitated at the knock of the music, and the brain starts reacting in a more organized way keeping the disturbing noises aside. This is the reason why a learning mind finds it more convenient to concentrate when the music stays on.

Scientific researchers have further unveiled the fact that specific wavelengths of sounds cast a positive impact on the mind, which is the reason why plenty of psychological treatments involve music therapy. We also recommend people to listen to music to come out of their state of despair. Hence, it is needless to say that music is treated as a way out to rejuvenate the mind and make it more active. No wonder, music is capable of putting the mind together and make it function more harmoniously.

What happens when you study while listening to music simultaneously?

 When a student studies with the music on, the same harmony that makes up the music, dominates the mind of the learner and makes it work efficiently and in a focused manner. Therefore, with more focus and concentration, the academic performance of the students is more likely to improve.

We, at K.R.Mangalam World School, positioned among the top 10 girls school in Delhi, believe in the core strength of music, and that not only pertains to calming down the young minds but also to improve their academic performances. We, at KRMS, have hence always roped in music as one of the crucial learnings at our school, and keep separate hours for music classes for our pupils. We strongly believe that music can act as the breathing ground for budding minds. We would like to suggest that if you come across your child studying with the music on, he/she is probably doing the task more attentively than not. We have seen that most parents feel vexed when children listen to music while studying. But in reality, there is no reason to feel that way as music is more often found to enhance attention than diverting it. So let your little ones enjoy their favorite tunes without worrying as it is doing more good to them than you can think.

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