Unleash the Healing Power of Meditation to Raise Your Academic Prowess

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It’s no exaggeration to say that the present times are the toughest for children. They are surrounded by with internet-penetrated gadgets and manifold distractions, which is leading them towards a sedentary lifestyle. However, it is necessary that children move past their inactive lifestyles and try to achieve some new skills during the lockdown. We, at K.R. Mangalam World School, ranked among the Top ten schools in north Delhi, understand that the vicious cycle of acute anxiety and digital habits can lead to less productivity and cause a dip in their concentration power. It is important that we counter the effects of these unhealthy practices by increasing their ability to focus and achieve academic success. And one of the best ways to do this is through meditation.

Meditation is said to put oneself in a heightened state of awareness and attention, bringing the brain to a state of ‘super learning’. Medication and mindfulness induce the ability to concentrate and focus while staying calm and alert. For students, medication could be a great way to boost their brainwaves for enhanced learning, studying, memorizing, and remembering of things learned. It also gets them into a highly creative, extremely intensified state of learning with laser-like focus. The healing power of meditation helps to raise the academic prowess in students by increasing their concentration power, creativity, attention span, and performance as a whole.

Meditation improves concentration power

Many parents wonder how their kids are able to remember film dialogues just hearing once but find it hard to get the grasp of lessons even after reading them several times. This is because only when the mind is relaxed, it can fully imbibe something into it. When children study, they are never relaxed but are anxious about the academic competition ahead and are troubled by the distractions around them. Also, they find it unable to focus as their mind gets bombarded with gratuitous thoughts and emotional upswings that cause havoc to their concentration power. This is where meditation helps. It calms down the mind and increases their ability to stay focused for a longer period of time. Practicing meditation before studying can help immensely in improving the child’s concentration power and get the mind recharged to pull off several successive hours of studies.

Meditation enhances focus and attention to detail

We, at KRMS, have seen that there are certain students who top the class without putting in the effort as others do. The thing owing to which many children fail to get the expected results is that they either lack the ability to engross into the lessons when they read, or they struggle hard to concentrate on what they are taught in the class. Meditation helps improve the students’ focus and attention to detail. Children who practice meditation are better focused on their learning and are able to perform tasks more efficiently. These children have improved their concentration span and are more focused on learning.

Meditation improves creativity and innovation

The benefits of mediation go beyond calming down one’s mind and improving academic performance. It impacts children’s creativity and innovativeness. Meditation helps accelerate the brain’s performance, and amplifies one’s thoughts, making it possible to execute even the teeny-tiny ideas. Children who meditate frequently are able to streamline their thinking process further ahead to intensify the depth of knowledge accumulated. As a result, they turn more receptive to innovative thought-process and gain the ability to create and innovate new ideas.

In a nutshell, meditation proves to be an ultimate tool to elevate the grasp of knowledge and improve brain efficiency in ways that propel young minds to grow smarter. Meditation practice makes children to become adept at analyzing, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. This is why, we, at KRMS, have included meditation among our extra-curricular activities so as to ensure the harmonious growth of the personality of our pupils and help improve their analytical thirst for knowledge. An amalgamation of life skills, intellectual capacities, and knowledge is what brings success, and we, at KRMS, one among the Best CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, are keen at making it happen.

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