How to know if you are prepared for your exams?

The exam season is on, and it is time of the year when most of those cute faces seem to be withered away with stress and tension. At K.R. Mangalam School, we believe that the exams must not bother you; instead, you should be in a position to challenge the papers. To get an upper hand over the examination, at first, you need to check if you are completely prepared to walk the twisted lanes of exams or not. However, there are ways to know whether the preparation has been of the necessary standards or not and if not there are ways to fix the gaps. Here is a brief guide about how to check your readiness before exams:

Assess yourself with the previous year question papers

The question papers of the earlier year can be of much help when it comes to analyzing your preparedness for the exams. If you are capable of solving the questions without looking for help in any books, it implies that you are prepared. If not, take note of the domains and categories where you think you still have a scope for improvement and practice harder. You can also assign yourself the exercises provided at the back of the chapters of the syllabus and check if you are able to solve them. Once resolved, also verify the correctness of each of them to justify your level of preparation.

Fear for exam

The first parameter to judge if you are completely prepared for your exams or not is to check if you still have any doubt or fear left in your mind for it. If you are absolutely done with your syllabus and have not left any part of it, it is likely that you will overcome the fear. The fear for exams generates from the fear of scoring less resultant upon partial preparations. Make dedicated timetables, do regular checks with the exercises, and assess your answers to get a fair idea of how ready you are for the exams. If you are scoring well in those internal assessments, you can surely consider yourself prepared for the exams.

Confidence check

There are some assessments that are needed to be done within your mind. With no distractions around, ask yourself whether you are feeling confident about the approaching exams or not. If you get a positive reply, then your preparations are at par with the required standards, and if not, you need to further assess yourself to find out the loopholes and mend them accordingly. Ask yourself some random questions or ask your parents to do the same to understand whether you are exam-ready or not. This random quizzing will help to boost your confidence level besides helping you to further bolster your preparedness.

Eagerness to go for exams

We, at KRMS, have observed that when the students are fully ready to appear for the exam, they no longer want to wait for the exams to start.This is a general tendency observed across the students who stay ready for their exams. The more eager you feel from within to appear for the exam, the better prepared you are.

Your expectation from yourself

If you are ready with all your preparations, you will start counting on the numbers that you expect to score. Assessing your own work, you would try to guess prior hand your score on your report card. Set your spirit high and go for the higher scores. With 100% preparedness, do not accept what you get, instead set benchmarks for yourself and achieve them.

We, at K. R Mangalam World School, one among the Top 10 Senior Secondary Schools in Delhi, believe that it is the students themselves who can be the best judge for their own preparations for the exams. This is why it is important that they stand confident about their readiness. What we can do is to provide them the best of learning environment, quality education, dedicated support and mentorship to let them emerge as winners. To that end, we, at KRMS, have always remained committed to providing our students with the comprehensive learning methods and the state-of-the-art infrastructure so that they easily adapt to the new techniques of learning beyond the conventional approach of textbook preparations. The regular assessments for every chapter and the quizzing sessions in the classes serve to prepare the students for their examinations without stressing them. The candid environment of the school never let the children feel the stress of examination that works as a catalyst in their preparations.

Our message to the students always remains that education is not something to be feared, but absorbed. Immerse yourself into it, and success will be definitely yours!!

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