KRMS Inculcating Social Responsibility among the Young Minds

You must have often heard that our children are our future. How true is that! Our children have the power to change the world for the better. This is why it is necessary that we make the young minds aware of their social responsibility towards the society and the world at large so that they can communicate, collaborate, and function in myriad ways to create a positive impact on theenvironment. In that sense, we believe it is the responsibility of the educational system to help students identify opportunities within as well as beyond their surroundings.Parents together with teachers and the school authorities have to generate a responsive learning environment where students are encouraged to offer services on personal, local, regional, and even global levels. This is how we can cultivate a sense of environmental awareness and social responsibility among young minds. Children learn and imitate things from their elders, and that’s why setting a good example for them to follow brings a lot of difference.

The Significance of Teaching Social Responsibility to Children:

The primary objective for teaching social responsibility to the young minds is to help them learn to appreciate, respect, and cultivate a progressive environment around them. The more we share ideas and suggest ways to bring a positive change to the society, the easier it will be for us to elevate the importance of social responsibility among children. Teaching them how to act for the benefit of society at large can encourage them to do the same and thus build a selfless society.

We, at K.R. Mangalam World School, lay a lot of emphasis on teaching students to contribute to the welfare and development of the community by setting exemplars of social service in front of them. One of the effective ways in which we prepare our students to be responsible future citizens is by giving them the opportunities to become engaged in communal activities. We believe that social responsibility is not just about protecting the environment or adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle or being philanthropic; indeed, it goes beyond all these tacticalmaneuvers.Keeping with this notion, we teach our students to always strive for building a safe, positive, and productive learning environment that help to improve their social awareness and duty as an individual. We work together with parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and other school staff, by generating various programs and workshops that serve to develop children’s social and emotional intelligence and improve their ability to contribute to the communities.

How KRMS Contributes to Sowing the Seeds of Social Responsibility in Young Minds

We, at K.R. Mangalam World School, have always aimed to provide the best to our students, be it academics or co-curricular activities. We strive to achieve the holistic development of our students, allowing them to grow not just academically or professionally, but also personally, socially, and intellectually. There are numerous interactive and social activities conducted throughout the year for students to enable them to experience the real world. We provide them the perfect platform to foster their leadership qualities and nurture their inherent talents to become eminent personalities in the future.

We, at KRMS value the intellectual capacities of children, and thus extend to them a wide range of activities, combining everything from literary and sports to life skills and cultural activities that help promote a positive self-concept in children and generate a sense of social achievement amongst them.The academic curriculum, on the other hand, is devised to encourage a comprehensive learning environment that not only broadens their horizons of knowledge for the students but also serve to manifest their strengths and capabilities as an individual.

Besides, issues concerning environmental awareness are taken up on a regular basis to instill in the young minds the need for future environmental protection. The young eco-ambassadors of KRMS Eco Club spread awareness aboutvarious social causes like road safety, communal harmony, and environmental issues. Participation in community work by the Interact Club helps students learn the value of social service and instill in them sensitivity towardsthe society. We organize visits to old age homes, deaf and dumb schools, and other places where children can empathize with the fellow community citizens, which help them become more conscious of their social responsibilities not just towards their families but towards the community and the country as a whole.

Our community programs enable students to relate to the society around them and help in implanting sensitivity and inculcating a sense of social responsibility in them. All in all, we at K.R. Mangalam School, recognized as one among the Top 10 Schools in Greater Noida, leave no stones unturned when it comes to providing a child-centered education that aims for not just academic but all-round development of children that not only aids their overall growth but also benefits the society at large.

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