Playful Learning Helps Enhance Study Skills in Kids

Playful Learning Helps Enhance Study Skills in Kids

Every child loves to play, and playing develops in them an enormous amount of social, cognitive, and intellectual skills. Activity-based playful learning, when introduced at an early age, can bring in immense benefits for the development of children, especially during the younger years of schooling. In fact, playful learning is an effective educational strategy that can contribute to the development of academic and study skills in children by enhancing their innate abilities to learn, create, and grasp academic conceptseffectively.

Playful learning is indeed fruitful.However, we, at K.R. Mangalam World School, positioned among the Best play school in Delhi, have seen that many people still doubt about play and learning going hand in hand. So, in this article today, we, at KRMS, would be shedding light on how exactly play-based learning works at enhancing the study skills in children and benefits them academically as well as otherwise.

Cognitive thinking

Playful learning is related to the development of analytical, logical, and critical thinking in children. By solving puzzles and listening to stories, kids learn how to think and concentrate on what they are doing. This helps to improve their memory and reasoning skills. Similarly, solving a complicated maze helps them develop strong problem-solving and logical thinking. Playful learning activities allow children to indulge in out-of-the-box thinking and develop cognitive abilities. This way, children learn to think, analyze, and apply the learned concepts and knowledge in a practical environment.

Creative thinking

Playful learning activities also help to develop creative thinking abilities in kids. When kids engage in play, they are often required to think out-of-the-box and look at a problem from a different perspective. This way of thinking helps them become more creative and imaginative, and thereby also aids in their academic improvement. Age-appropriate playful learning activities engage children in creative ways and help them to learn a spectrum of perceptive skills.

Linguistic and communication skills

Playful learning has a vital role in developing children’s linguistic and communication skills. These skills are fostered through almost all the play activities that involve speaking and listening. Even when children play alone, they talk and listen to themselves, thus nurturing their language skills and cognitive abilities. However, group activities are the best way through which children can learn communication and interactive skills that aidthem in gaining knowledge and insights about the things around them. Through guided playful learning, a foundation is laid for the language and communication development of children. Through playful learning, kids learn to converse, use enriched vocabularies, and ask thought-provoking questions.

Spatial skills

Activities in playful learning sessions help them visualize things through their mind’s eye and thus enhance their visual-spatial intelligence. It encourages them to make connections and recognize spatial relations with the objects around them. Developing spatial skills aid children in learning Math and Science. Playing matching games, block-building, and open-ended puzzles help increase students’ spatial ability and thus enable them to perform better on academic as well as professional level.

We, at K.R. Mangalam World School, firmly believe that playful learning is indeed powerful when it comes to engaging children in the learning process. It offers more sophisticated levels of interaction for children to communicate with their peers, and thus help them attain better cognitive abilities. Hence, instead of asking them to memorize, it’s always better to allow them to experience learning through play and see what they are really capable of. This way, you can give your child a more engaging, gratifying, and effective learning experience.

At KRMS, one among the Top 10 girls school in Delhi, we offer a robust school education that blends playful learning with academics to facilitate holistic growth and development of our young budding geniuses. Our learning pedagogy and educational activities have been designed to maximize the cognitive, social, and academic growth of children, which paves the way for their fundamental skills development and better knowledge acquisition. The rich, stimulating learning environment facilitated throughplayful learning at K.R.MangalamWorld School gives a new dimension to the learning and development of the young mindsand aids in boosting their overall performance both at school and society at large.

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