Multilingual Children Grow into Individuals with Better IQ


“A different language is a different vision of life.”- Federico Fellini

Language holds the key to the cognitive development of the mind. When a child learns to speak a language, he/she connects the sensory experiences with the words and terms used to express the same. Admittedly, it takes a lot of coordination and brain potential to establish a connection between the two and master the language. But it is this very coordination that is related to higher levels of intelligence.

Intelligence is nothing but how agile your brain turns out to be with the experiences you go through. The acquired information, knowledge, and other skills and abilities contribute to the growth of intelligence. Language, too, helps sharpen the intelligence quotient of the brain by enhancing its cognitive abilities.

Experts and researchers often say that a child, having knowledge of multiple languages, is more likely to respond to the experiences aptly than one with limited knowledge of the language. Every language deals with a specific set of words, vocabulary, rules, and expressions. Knowing this varied set of linguistic variables can be considered a means to enlighten the brain and empower it as well. Therefore, it can be inferred that language has a direct connection with the brain development and IQ. And here in this article below, we, at K.R. Mangalam World School,one among the Play school in Gurgaon, will explain to you how learning languages can help children acquire better IQ overtime.

Understanding the idea behind learning new words in different languages

Knowing one language might help children to speak their minds or express their needs and opinions whenever needed, but when a child learns more than one language, he/she starts perceiving the idea of the words used. For example, in English, to express agreement, we use ‘yes.’ However, while speaking French, the same expression is conveyed by uttering the word ‘oui.’  When a child learns both the words, he/she immediately gets the hold of the fact that both the words are actually one, representing an idea of assertion or agreement. This helps the children to improve their level of cognition.

Wider exposure of the world

With knowledge of multiple languages, communicating with people from various parts of the world becomes easier. With the world gradually shrinking into a global village, breaking through the geographical barriers, children must be taught free mixing minus any inhibitions and prejudices to grow into future global citizens. As such, if children get to learn more than one language right since their early years, their career graph later on in life would surely be an uprising one as they will remain open to grabbing opportunities from worldwide. Also, establishing verbal communication and relating to different people from across the world would be easier for a multilingual person.

Broader Choice of books

Who can deny the role of reading books in developing the IQ level of a child? More interestingly, with knowledge of multiple languages, the scope of unleashing the hidden literary gems of multiple languages becomes higher. Hence, the more languages a child knows, the more books he/she can read, enriching the level of wisdom. A child knowing the native language only would remain confined within the territory of the books written in the native language alone. At the same time, a multilingual one will have the privilege of exploring the world of wisdom unchained.

We, at K. R Mangalam World School, top ten schools in India believe that language is one of the vital factors that have propelled the pace of progres s and civilization of humans. Often, language is considered a yardstick for judging the advancement of society. No wonder language is an excellent way to augment the IQ level of the children as well. And this is why we, at KRMS, always stress on teaching the children more than one language. After all, childhood is the best time to learn anything new as the mind is most porous at this age. The brain remains highly responsive to the language learning process during the early days of the youth. Hence, make good use of the lockdown and let your child indulge in learning a new language, a new skill that will not only aid their brain to acquire a higher IQ but will also be an asset for life.

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