Why is it Vital to Make Kids Appreciate Efforts More Than the Outcomes?

All of us have a tendency to judge success and failure on the yardstick of achievements. However, the wise would say that it is the effort wherein lies the great potential of winning even the most impossible of the tasks. And hence, it is the efforts that qualify for appreciation the most. Moreover, efforts offer the very way to succeed. Why we are saying so is because when a child is taught to focus merely on success, he/she might lose interest in the means and even pursue unfair ways to reach the goal. When a goal is achieved through unfair means, the credit of the achievement becomes dim, but when the right efforts back an achievement, it is the finest of the deeds one can think of.

Yes, we know that sometimes, despite the best efforts, the desired success remains unattended. However, in that case, if we can encourage the child to carry on the good work and try several times until the goal is achieved, the little one would surely succeed one day. On the flip side, if a one-time failure is marked as the end of the world, negating all the enthusiasm that the efforts entailed, the child would lose focus and would never be able to reach the goal. This is the difference a little change of focus from the efforts to achievement can bring about. Hence, more than achievements, it is the efforts that count, and it is this important lesson that all parents must teach their kids.

Here, in this article below, we, at K.R. Mangalam World School, positioned among the schools in paschim vihar,will be shedding more light on why we believe you should motivate your children to stay enthusiastic in their efforts, leaving the worries of achieving success behind. Read on.

Offer Encouragement to Fight till End

If you keep on encouraging your child on his/her efforts without bothering about the achievements or results much, the little one would be enthusiastic and put in the very best that he/she can afford to invest in.  With the constant motivation and words of encouragement from you, your child’s thought process would remain positive, and no amount of failure or disappointment would ever be able to reduce the high-spirits of the kid. Consequently, one day or the other, the child would succeed, and that’s too, without taking any unfair means.

The “Never Give Up Attitude” is Fostered

If you are focusing more on efforts and less on the achievements, your child would learn the same and would never give up on the efforts even if the desired results are not realized any time. Focusing on the efforts makes a child motivated enough to stay stuck to the goals without bothering about the results. If the child fails once, he/she will try and try again to reach the goal, as for the kid, the efforts would mean more than what the outcomes are. Evidently, the kid would learn toleave trying only when he/shehas reached the goal and not before that.

We, at K.R. Mangalam World School, top 10 schools in Paschim vihar have seen that children who focus more on efforts know that efforts are the very means to reach the achievement, and a few obstacles or even setbacks on the way are usual and not detrimental. The fact is that every child has the potential to reach the goal, but not every journey is equal. It is hence important that every child is treated individually to figure out their unique points of strength and weaknesses. And this is what exactly we do at KRMWS. Our teachers always encourage our pupils to pursue their path honestly to reach the goal and make them understand the value of hard work. After all, if the efforts are adequate and honest, success is sure to follow by default.

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