Effective Time Management Tips that Help to Optimize the Study Potential of Kids

When it comes to studies, the time we dedicate on the learning and the approach we follow are the two major aspects of the end result. Well, we all have limited time at our hand,but the thing we can modify for better results is the learning approach. Having a robust approach towards learning is a great concept, and it can help the kids to get better at time management. In this article, we will discuss how we can help optimize the studyingpotential of kids by effective time management techniques. If followed consistently and steadily, these tips can be really usefulin helping the children enhance their studying potential. We, at the K.R. Mangalam World School, recognized as one of the best CBSE schools in Delhi NCR,would thus like to share with you a few of the most powerful time management tips that you should follow religiously for better results in learning:

  • Schedule your Activities: Yes, we know that you must have been hearing this a lot, but trust us, making a schedule for the day to day activities is indeeda practical concept. This way, you will not only get into a habit of punctuality but will learn to work on things efficiently. Start by organizing a schedule for your study time fora few hours, then a day, and then a week. Just remember to try your best to stick to the schedule throughout the period. If you get to achieve this feat move a step up by planning for fortnights and then to a monthly cycle. This way you will develop some much-needed planning and strategic skills that will benefit you for life.
  • Use Technology Productively: These days, almost every kid spends a fair share of time ongadgets like tablets and smartphones. So, if you are a parent, try to advise your kids that they use this sweet tech-session time for some productive purpose. There are a lot of web portals where kids and teenagers can learn a variety of skills easily. Also, the fact that you do not have to go anywhere makes it even better as an option. Learn different things by downloading PDF files or stream videos that can teach you concepts like science and languages.
  • Set up Priorities: Every activity can be judged and categorized according to the need and urgency of its accomplishment. The activities should be scheduled in such a manner so that no two activities suffer because of the lack of time. Suppose, if you are required to do the practice of mathematics today and also you have to submit an important science assignment before the weekend, you should choose the one activity which holds the most priority. Decide in a manner so that you do not have to let down any of the activities. This way you will not only accomplish the task before the deadlines but also achieve better results than before because of no rush.
  • Avoid Distractions: Distraction is a very deep concept, and it does not necessarily mean bad. When it comes to kids, there are both kinds of distractions: good ones and bad ones. Good ones are those where even after being distracted from studies, kids are learning something valuable. Whereas, bad distractions are those when the whole activity you perform can be put into “waste of the time” category. But, there is a catch to it and that is, some people put gaming and sports in the bad distractions category which is completely wrong. It is proven that games and sports are good for the mental and physical well-being of kids. Thus, while you should devote some amount of time to sports or your other hobbies as they will help you rejuvenate and resume back your work with even more vigor, put the other distractions like mobile phones and video games at bay.
  • Beat Procrastination at its owngame: Procrastination is a curse, and most of us are its victims. The real reason behind it is that people tend to relax more often than they are supposed to. If you find your kids doing nothing, try to influence them into doing something productive which can be literally anything. Next time if you see your childrenlying on the couch just staring at the ceiling, invite them into your daily chores like watering plants,gardening, etc. This way when kids settle down for studies, they will work in a much efficient and effective manner.
  • Discuss without Hesitation: We, at KRMS, believe that having a discussion about a variety of daily stuff is very important. Whether you are a parent or a kid, there is something beneficial for both of you in this. If you are a parent, it is advised to have a random chat with your kids about studies on a regular basis. If you are a kid, try to use your free time to discuss any queries with your parents. Interacting with them regularly will help to make the bond stronger and will also save you a lot of time learning the conceptsthat you are stuck at.

These were some of the most effective time management tips which can boost the quality as well as the productivity of the study time. Follow these tips and you will surely feel the change.

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