How to identify if yourchild is lying

In spite of being one of the most recurring mistakes that most people tend to ignore or underplay, the habit of lying in children is one of the most destructive and degenerative to the human physique. It is most usually seen in youngsters who once in a while do it for reasons that are barely needed to be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, we should be to a great degree watchful about what steps we take for our kids to make them not repeat such mistakes even whimsically. The fact of the matter is that regardless of the attempts, we can’t entirely prevent anybody from lying. However, the next best thing we can do is to ensure that our kids comprehend the value of honesty and what ill effects can such bad habits have on them and on their standing in society. Having an upright and an honest child is the best thing any parent can wish for. Therefore, we at K.R. Mangalam School, one among the best CBSE affiliated schools in Delhi, have made a rundown of specific markers that can assist you with determining when your youngster is lying so that you can take an immediate step and stop the kid from doing so.

Escapingfrom direct contact during communication

Generally, when an individual is lying, the person in question tries to keep a physical distance with the goal that you can’t catch their non-verbal cues. You can distinguish such indications where your child is directly attempting to avoid visual contact with you. You will find them avoiding and running away from any counter-questions and hesitating from confronting you. On the off chance that your youngster begins to squirm, they are most likely in the wrong, and it might be worth a while for you to investigate the matter further.

Look for hesitation and flustered responses

Hesitationduring inquiries and delayed reaction are a few of the conspicuous signs that can enable you to figure whether your youngster is lying or not.If the time slacks between your inquiry and their responses are more than typical, then it is worth probing. If you notice anything like this, it is best that you cross-question your youngster for further details on the whole truth. Any lie will disintegrate when you take a stance and put up proper questions to counter the arguments.

Lack of confidence

Since a lie is totally a manufactured proclamation that is intended to suit the necessities of the speaker, therefore it has no validity and can be easily made out as it is usually accompanied by lack of confidence. Such behavior is generally accompanied by a raised voice while being countered and muddled reactions to cross-questioning. Nonetheless, recognizing it may be a troublesome errand as the individual lying mixes it with the real truth to better suit their necessities. Hence, it is important that you check the facts from different sources to determine whether your kid is lying or not.

Lack of eye contact

An absence of eye to eye communication is a standout amongst the most widely recognized markers to distinguish a lie. Thus, keep a note if your child is trying to maintain a strategic distance from you to avoid an eye-to-eye contact with you while responding to your inquiries. In case if your child is lying to you, he/she will attempt their best to dodge from making an eye to eye contact.It is a known fact that when eye to eye connection is made, the likelihood of speaking a lie diminishes by almost half.

As you may be aware, the habit of lying is mostly connected with deceptive nature. It is, therefore, prudent that we keep an eye on our children and keep them away from developing any such wrong habits. The need is to make sure that our children comprehend the positive side of trustworthiness and abstain from lying. We, at K.R. Mangalam School, recognized as the Best School in Delhi, always teach our students that lying may though appear as a simple way out, it always traps the speaker in its own web. And those who get caught in this web are then looked down in the society as someone who cannot be trusted for anything. It is important that children know that lying is a habit which may though appear to be an easy way out of the difficulties but brings along a lot of negative impact with it. The best way to keep your children away from this negative trap is to encourage them to take it up as an oath that no matter what, they will always get hold of honesty. Encourage them that without pondering upon about whether they are right or wrong, they can always come down and talk to you and can count on you. At KRMS, we believe that just telling the kids about the proverb “Honesty is the best policy” isn’t going to make any difference. What is actually needed is to make them aware of the true meaning of the saying when it comes to real life.

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