Effective Ways to Help Your Child Concentrate Better on the Studies

It is a dream of every parent to see their children scoring top ranks in exams. But for that to happen, a very important element is the concentration power of kids. Limited period studies with 100% concentration are always better than unnecessary long hours of study with no attention. We, at the K.R. Mangalam World School, believe that it is never the time duration that makes preparations strong.Instead, it is the level of concentration through the hours of studies that makes all the difference. Children generally possess very high energy and exuberance that might easily lead them to getting distracted during study hours. Hence, here we are sharing with you a few effective tips that will be great to boost the concentration level of your kids.

Learning games are a great way

Children show a natural affinity towards games and fun-filled activities. If games can be made a part of the studies, the learning will be faster and easier for the kids. Building blocks, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles are great ways to keep the children busy while they learn. The games that demand concentration and focus help to develop their power to concentrate without putting any extra effort. Hence, introduce your kids to the learning games and make concentration a habit in them. This, in turn, will be of excellent help as they grow up.

The food chart must have enough green vegetables

Concentration has a direct link with brain agility and development. If the food that the child takes is not nutritious enough, he/she may probably suffer from underdevelopment of brain functioning. Focused learning and concentration largely depend on the alertness of the brain which in turn depends on a balanced diet with lots of green vegetables in it. Green vegetables are best known for their antioxidant-rich nutrition which keeps the free radicals away and make the brain work faster and efficiently. On the contrary, consumption of caffeine can be dangerous as the additional sugar taken along with caffeine may cause sluggishness and low energy levels later. Hence, the food you choose for your child is critical in deciding the concentration power.

Keep away from the distractions

No matter how dedicated the attempts of learning are from your kid’s side, disturbances can cause the loss of focus and concentration any time. Hence, to maintain the level of attention, keep the sources of distraction away from the kids. Gadgets like television, mobile phones, iPods, music systems, and computers should be kept away from the reach of the child while studying. If computer is required for studies, parents should be aware and alert that the computer is being used only for the purpose of studying and nothing else. A single moment of distraction can ruin hours of preparations. Essentials like water, snacks, towels should be kept within reach of the child while studying so that he/she does not have to get up to fetch one, distracting the mind from books.

Make a fixed routine

Discipline is the crucial thing in developing concentration power in kids. Make a fixed routine for your child that would include not only the study materials but also the daily chores. If every work gets a defined time to be done, concentration during study time is sure to develop. If the kid knows when to do what for sure, he/she will not spare time or effort adjusting the activities every moment.

The breathers are important

It is a known fact that with focus and concentration comes fatigue. The more focused the brain remains for a more extended period, the more exhausted it becomes. Hence, breathers are essential in between the study times. Allow your kids to take short breaks and take a walk or listen to their favorite music for a while. This will rejuvenate the brain cells making them active and energized all over again. Extracurricular activities like dancing, drawing, singing are also a great way to let their brains breathe.

At K.R. Mangalam World School, one among the Top 10 Senior Secondary Schools in Delhi, we believe in the holistic growth of children, and for this to happen, it is imperative that due focus is given on each and every aspect that surrounds their overall growth and development. Since academics constitutean important part when it comes to the holistic development of kids, it is necessary that we aid them in every possible way to perform well and succeed. Keep this aspect into consideration, we, at KRMS, have designed an innovative and interactive teaching approach where we let the imagination and innate creativity of every child grow and bloom to its fullest. This helps to keep their interest intact in studies with an enhanced level of concentration. The co-scholastic activities and the interactive sessions organized in the school serve to keep the students all time updated and alert.

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