How to Positively Tackle the “Why’s & What’s” of your Curious Child

How to Positively Tackle the “Why's & What's” of your Curious Child

Curiosity lays the foundation of learning. If a child is curious by nature and asks questions about every little thing he/she comes across, it is regarded as a positive attitude towards learning. At times, the repetitive questions might seem to be bothering for the elders, but special care needs to be taken care before one reacts because every reaction would be decisive in terms of ether drawing the child towards knowledge or away from it. Here are some approaches that can be of much help in keeping the child aligned with the process of asking questions and keeping the flame of curiosity ablaze.

Express wonder

Children tend to automatically get drawn towards magic and wonders. When you walk with your little one, express your astonishment regarding the world around you and the same will encourage the child to come forward with the questions he/she has in mind. best schools in Noida To understand and nurture the young mind, try to go down to his/her level and join your child in finding wonder in everything around just the way he/she does it.

Answer the questions

It is likely that if your kid has an inquisitive mind, he/she would probably come up with multiple questions throughout the day without bothering about the right time to ask. Being an adult, you should be patient enough to answer all of them instead of ignoring or judging the logic or necessity of the questions. When judged, children tend to avoid asking questions, which might cast an adverse effect on the child’s tender mind and curiosity to know more.

Never ignore

No matter how busy you are or what time of the day it is, be always ready and spontaneous to listen to the questions asked by the kids. If you show irritation or annoyance, they might feel rejected, which would repel them from asking any questions further. Your acceptance and encouragement, on the contrary, can be a good source of support for their knowledge hunt.

Get them introduced to the library

If you think that your kid puts up too many why’s and what’s, it is because your little one has a mind that senses interest in everything. Surely, it is a much praiseworthy virtue, and a means that leads to wisdom. Get your kids introduced to the library where they would find answers to their questions and books that would ignite the search furthermore. If you fail to answer any question of them, simply suggest a book from where they can get the same. This way, you can also ensure a strong relationship to be formed between the child and books.

Ask questions

Being a parent, it is important that you extend help to your children to drive them towards the path of knowledge, and to do so, besides answering their questions, you can also ask some to have a brainstorming session with them. Your participation in questioning would also encourage them to ask more questions and stay curious.

Never say no

It is much obvious that you will not be having all the answers every time ready with you. Your child may come up with questions that might bother you too. If you find any question out of your own knowledge bank, do not discourage them. Instead, make a hunt for the answers together through the available options like books, internet, etc. This process helps in understanding the way to approach a problem when the solution is not readily available.

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