How to Raise an Eco-Friendly Generation?

Over the span of last tens of thousands of years, we human beings have been the most significant force of nature by virtue of our ingenuity and ability to adapt ourselves to any environment and change it to suit our needs with our imagination. Unlike other animals who merely roamed about in the wild using the available means to fend for them, we with the gift of our intellect changed and bent the environment around us and created what we needed. No other creature had this gift of mind, and therefore we rose up to be the sole proprietors of nature and inherited the world with the help of our creativity, intellect, and collective conscience.

As a result, within a span of a few thousand years, we began terraforming the earth according to our will with the help of technology that replaced dense jungles with the first specs of significant civilization all across the globe. Soon within another few thousand years till the present century, we achieved and kept on modernizing at the expense of our natural environment. The darkforests that ruled the face of the earth now only encompass a fraction of the landmass and are still decreasing day by day due to the encroachment of urbanization to meet the exceeding demands of the population. The incursion of man into the wild has had various consequences over the past century. It has resulted in the endangering of multiple species of flora and fauna and even caused the extinction of a few species with a list of many critically endangered almost to the point of extinction.

The imbalance of this urban and the wild has created many profound consequences that have now surfaced in the form of extensive desertification, change in weather patterns, and the most recent alarming depletion of the vital ozone layer and increase in water levels. We have for the past ten thousand years have exploited and damaged our world, and so the heavy responsibility of undoing this damage rests on the shoulders of our present and future generations.

Training the New Generation to be Eco-Friendly

To raise an eco-friendly generation who loves and understands the value of the greenery is the least we can do. We should start by raising conscience among the youth of the coming dangers and encourage activities like replantation of the existing jungles, help organize eco-clubs, and encourage the students to participate freely providing extra credits for the study and try to set an example by ourselves by doing small things that matter.

Proper disposing of waste, usingpaper bags, replanting trees in our gardens, and caring for the existing ones are the few, but important things we can do that can help. To achieve big, we must start small, and the footsteps of the young will automatically follow. Reducing litter, conserving water and electricity, using eco-friendly transport are the few things we can do that matter. It is the daily habits that cause the most destruction to the planet, so changing that may result in a healthier environment and help create a better and eco-friendly future.

Role of Education in Creating a Greener Future

It is imperative that our futuregenerations learn from our past mistakes and do not repeat the same in the coming time. Unknown to those born and brought up in the grey urban jungle of mankind, the beauty and mysteries of nature holds an allure that cannot be compared and has even spawned many poets over time. It is, therefore, our responsibility that we preserve and help in the regrowth of nature to its previous glory so that the world may find its balance again.

 Schools and educational institutes play a significant role in the training of youth and help imbibe them with the necessary qualities. It is at the schools and institutes where the student learns the basics of life and therefore the responsibility to teach and provide the essential tools falls upon the shoulders of those who provide quality education. We, at KR Mangalam School, follow a similar mindset and take charge of teaching our pupils the value of living a quality life alongside nature.

As a premier institute and one of the top international schools in Delhi, we understand the importance of such habits which can go a long way to bring back the balance of nature. We hence regularly take such initiatives involving the young impressionable minds which help them realize the value, beauty, and allure of nature. With the support of capable teaching staff and with the help of environmental outings, clean up initiatives, seminars and lectures, we strive to pave the way to a better and eco-friendly future. We believe that to create something new, we need not destroy the old and it is this belief we try to instill in our students who will hold the standard to a better and greener future, paving the path for the generations to come.

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