Early Math Skills Aid in Academic Growth of Kids in the Later Years

Early Math Skills Aid in Academic Growth of Kids in the Later Years

Several studies have iterated time and again that the formative years of a child are the most crucial stage of learning for them. It is the years during which they are the most inquisitive, their minds are the most pliable, and the retention of information is the highest. All of these factors also make these formative years the right time to work on the mathematical abilities of the children.

The various aspects of early math, such as expressing numbers as symbols or written words, distinguishing the numbers as ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller,’addition and subtraction, and so on, might seem simple, but they serve a greater purpose than simply helping the children to recognize and understand the numbers. At K.R. Mangalam World School, one among the best preschool in gurgaon, we have observed through our years of teaching experience that these simple, early math skills actually form the foundation for their future academic brilliance.

With that being said, here’s delving deeper into discussing the ways in which early math lessons aid in the academic growth of kids in the later years.

The foundation for the complex math skills needed in future

Let’s start with the most common reason for us to lay greater emphasis on early math skills: the way it helps in building their future mathematical abilities. Lack of a structured approach to build math skills at a young age can make the students falter at a later stage in their lives when they have to deal with more complicated calculations.

There is no denying the fact that math has always been one of the most polarizing subjects among students; they either absolutely love it or completely despise it, and there is no in-between. At K.R. Mangalam World School, we believe that the fear or hatred towards math usually comes from inadequate development of early math skills, which also ends up affecting their future abilities to embrace the wonderful subject and score good marks in it.

Therefore, the development of math skills at an early stage is one of the prerequisites of ensuring that your kids excel in the subject all through their lives.

Math skills as a combination of several major skillsets

It would be wrong if we view math as a detached branch of knowledge that involves skills needed on in that particular arena. To learn math is to pick upcrucial abilities like problem-solving, exploration, inquiry, patterning, analysis, and classification. These are the complete set of capacities needed for the continued academic growth and genius of the children at every stage of their student life and beyond.

For instance, the aptitude to analyze and classify are the qualities they will need when they work in the science labs in the higher classes. The capability to find patterns and solve problems is something that will aid them in every subject or assignment that they work on. Thus, there is no area of knowledge that will not be impacted by strong early math skills.

Besides,as you may know, the current education framework focuses a loton the development of STEM skills in children from a young age. That’s because it’s something that kids will need not only in higher education but also in their future careers. And, it is a fact that all the other aspects of STEM learning can only be internalized if children possess the right math skills.

At K.R. Mangalam World School, regarded as the top schools in gurgaon, we believe that foundational math knowledge holds the key to the academic prowess of children in the later years. And, the optimum results from this early learning can only be achieved through the combined efforts from both their parents and their mentors. So, let’s keep working on helping them become the math whizzes of the present, and also the future.

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