How to Deal With the Learning Difficulties of Your Child?

Each child is unique and has its own set of skills and abilities. No wonder, every child has a unique learning pace as well. Some grasp things pretty quickly while there are a few who face a lot of difficulties and challenges in learning. However, we, at K.R. Mangalam World School, the top ten schools in India believe that even if your child is facing any learning difficulties, there is no need to consider it as a big drawback. With some help and support, every child can excel in all aspects of learning. So, in this article below, let us have a look as some basic do’s and don’ts on how to deal with your child’s learning difficulties.

Identify your kid’s learning pace

Every kid has a distinct learning ability. However, a few kids fall back below the average mark and are said to possess learning difficulties. These kids tend to learn at a slower rate and mostly find it difficult to retain what they learned. As they have a short attention span, these kids aren’t able to link one idea to another, and as a result, they often remain as under-achievers. However, we, at KRMWS, one among the best schools in Delhi, believe that every child can learn easily as long as they are taught according to their aptitudes and abilities. So, it is important to assess your child’s ability and assist them accordingly to ensure that they don’t fall further behind.

Make use of the right approaches

It is important to understand in this aspect that there are alternative learning approaches, strategies, and tools that can help kids with learning difficulties achieve their full potential in academics. But having said that, parents need to remember that your influence has a major role to play. You have to understand what works for your child and implement the same the best way you can. With hard work, optimism, and play-based learning methodology, your child will definitely overcome the challenges.

Adopt the praise and reward method

Even if your child is having some learning difficulties, make sure that you keep him/her motivated by identifying and appreciating his/her strengths. If children are kept encouraged, this contributes significantly in helping them get through their learning difficulties. Hence, praise your kid’s efforts, rather than the outcome. Appreciate your child for each of his/her accomplishments, no matter how small they are. Also, offer them rewards for challenging achievements.

Break Down Goals

If you are working towards a challenging goal in your child’s learning, break it down into smaller tasks. Let the child visualize his/her own progress and appreciate the kid for every task completed. Sandwich easier tasks amidst difficult tasks so that your kid doesn’t feel burdened. Instead of trying to make him/her concentrate at-a-stretch, provide breaks in between, and allow the child to relax and refocus so that he/she can deal with his/her learning difficulties better.

Say NO to Comparison

Never commit the mistake of comparing your child’s abilities with other children as it only fosters resentment and results in stress, impacting his/her self-confidence. Hence, even if your child has learning difficulties, compare his/her achievements only with his/her own progress, but not with those of his/her peers.

We, at K.R. Mangalam World School, positioned among the best convent school in Gurgaon, believe that being a slow-learner or lagging in academics has nothing to do with how bright kids are. It is hence important to have age-oriented and realistic expectations from kids. So, rather than worrying about the learning difficulties, it is more important for parents to understand that each kid learns in a different way, and struggling means that the child stands out of the crowd and learns in a unique way. And we, at KRMWS, would like to assure you that what actually matters is how steady and gradual their improvement is.

We, at KRMWS, have always believed in the uniqueness of every child and their native wisdom and imagination. Our aim is to enable our little buds to become the best version of themselves. And this is why at KRMWS, we have included diverse learning approaches in our pedagogy to foster holistic development for our students and to help them overcome all their learning difficulties.

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